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Windows treats all the monitors on your desktop as one combined space, at least in terms of the wallpaper. Here, you can see the relative position of the monitors in the virtual space of the desktop. My setup uses two monitors, with one being slightly higher resolution than the other.

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You can choose more or less any image you want for your wallpaper, but you generally want the image to match the native resolution of your monitor. If you need to resize or crop, do that now. Now things get tricky. Open your image editor of choice. Create a new blank image the size of your total desktop resolution.

Method 2 – Dual Monitor Tools

Copy and paste the images from their own windows into your custom workspace, and arrange them in the same way that your monitors were arranged in step one. Any suggestions? Posted on Jul 31, PM. Page content loaded. Jul 31, PM. Mar 20, AM in response to captfred In response to captfred. Mar 20, AM. Mar 20, PM.

Download application called " Multiscape ", click "Softpedia Secure Download US " and it will automatically start downloading. Mar 14, PM. Nov 4, PM in response to captfred In response to captfred. I do not get the Desktop and Screen Saver window on each screen. I have everything else closed, so it's not hiding behind something.

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Any ideas? Nov 4, PM. Visit glimmir. Mac App Store link.

TUTORIAL: Multi Monitor Wallpaper - How to Guide

Jul 28, PM. When you have downloaded the left and right picture for the monitors you will see the left and right pictures in each monitor app. Once the image is selected, return to the home screen and click Edit to manage the layout.


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You will see several options for adjusting the image along with a preview of the area. Tests showed that the best image fit was with the s pread screen layout. You can adjust the an image manually or use the existing functionality to do it. There are two tabs for dragging and adjusting; Image and Screens.