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All Articles Software Reviews. The End of Adobe Flash By the beginning of this decade, Adobe Flash, including Flash for Mac, has already established itself as a popular multimedia platform for building interactive multimedia applications and video games. Type Flash Player. Click on it.

Go to the Updates tab. Click on the Check Now button. If Adobe Flash Player finds any available updates, it will prompt you.

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Click on the Download now button on the right side of the page. Install Flash for Mac just like you would any other Mac software.

How to Fix Google Chrome Freezing on a Mac?

How to Disable Adobe Flash Player on Mac Considering how often are new Flash security vulnerabilities discovered, it makes sense to keep Adobe Flash Player disabled and activate it only when you really need it. Safari Open Safari and go to the Menu bar and click on and then Preferences. Click on the Security button and then Plug-In Settings. Uncheck Adobe Flash Player from the left-hand menu. Click on Done to finalize the change. Uncheck the Allow sites to run Flash option.

How to Fix Flash Problem on iMac - Problem playing flash on MacBook Pro

Firefox Open Firefox and type in about:addons in the Firefox address bar. Click on Plugins on the left-hand side. Look for Flash and select either Never Activate or Ask to Activate from the drop-down box right next to it. Close the about:addons tab to confirm the change. Launch the downloaded uninstaller like you would any other Mac application.

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Click on the Uninstall option. When you see the message notifying you that the uninstallation succeeded, click Done. Visit this page to check if Flash Player is installed on your computer. The same page also contains links to many Flash tutorials from Adobe. Free Download. It works well with many different extensions and can easily change advanced settings such as VPN required by many companies worldwide. Overall, most of the options of Chrome are pretty much the same a user can notice in Safari. For instance, a tabbed browsing option is identical. What really makes these two different is the fact Google Chrome keeps crashing more frequently than Safari.

There are several reasons that cause this popular browser to freeze. By knowing the core problem, a Mac owner may prevent his Chrome from slowing down or simply breaking over and over again.

One common solution is using Mac OS X to come up with a new user profile, but it does not work in all cases. It depends on the severity of the problem. Before trying any of the options described in the article, try an easy solution, which can be so apparent. It means a higher battery drain. In case your Mac is not connected to the network, it may be simply running out of charge. It will cause the slowdown in the work of the browser and entire operating system. It is better not to leave the website open in a tab.

Chrome Crashing on Mac Constantly? Time-Tested Ways to Deal with the Issue | MacKeepsFreezing

Avoid having too many tabs open at a time. Finally, just watch the battery level, especially on the go. You are lucky if the battery drain is the primary cause of the problem as some other reasons might be much more complicated and tricky.

Look at why Chrome may also crash to understand what you might be doing wrong. Perhaps, you can simply avoid this problem in the future. Is your browser user profile okay? Are you sure about that? One of the possible solutions to this scenario is removing the Default subfolder from the User Data folder. This formula works if the issue is properly identified.

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It is the simplest way to develop a new browser user profile if the older one is damaged. Just like in case with many apps and other browsers, the law that the longer a user applies the browser, the slower it starts to work works. It is almost the same as force deleting files or force quitting the work of your Apple computer too frequently. The same principle works with your Mac and Chrome in particular. Of course, the method is rather effective, but you cannot count on it all the time. A user might have no idea that particular web pages may lead to the conflict while loading.


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Once the user reboots the browser, the pages from earlier browsing sessions are auto-restored. In case the message mentioned above goes on appearing on Chrome, you have to dig deeper to solve the problem. Those are things you add to access more opportunities such as grammar checkers, video players, downloads, social account hackers, spies, etc. Mind that some of the extensions, especially those released by the suspicious developers for free, may be rather dangerous to your browser and machine on the whole.

They need a lot of permissions and accesses so that they can result in certain If one of such extensions fails all of a sudden, the browser may crash as well trying to launch the extension even if the user does not need it. Chrome may shut down immediately when the extension freezes. Thus, it is better to quit extensions you do not use for a while by removing ticks in the Settings.