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Click here to download: Raptor Sans. Want to check out Lazerz Additkz in all its glory? Take a look at it on Behance. Click here to download: Lazerz Additkz.

Downloading and Installing Fonts on MacBook Pro

Fuerte, like Nidus Sans, also offers a more subtle futuristic feel. The designer, Manh Nguyen , designed both plain and patterned letterforms to arm you as you embark on your futuristic design journey. Click here to download: Fuerte. Ailerons is a clean, stylish typeface with beautifully tall letterforms that can quickly stylize any headline. Set it at a large size and appreciate all the lovely details that make up each glyph. Click here to download: Ailerons. Working on a type lead poster? Try Beyno. Its quirky and different letterforms can stylize any piece of content.

Click here to download: Beyno. Each glyph in Borg features curved incisions that add movement to the letterforms. Each one is beautifully drawn and super clean. Use Borg on a t-shirt, as a display typeface, or even to design a sweet logo. Click here to download: Borg. Elianto, with is lovely triangle A, is a free sans-serif font available free for personal use.

It comes in both lower and uppercase and has a few stylistic alternates for several glyphs. Click here to download: Elianto. Satisfy your futuristic cravings with Exan-3, a monospace futuristic font with a retro feel. Throw it on posters , business cards , or any other material that might benefit from futuristic styling. Click here to download: Exan I am totally into its uppercase A and its rounded crossbar. The fonts many elegant details make it an excellent choice for a headline or a beautiful logo.

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  5. Click here to download: Azedo. What I love about Stellar is its versatility. With the right treatment, it can totally feel like it belongs on the interface of a space probe orbiting Saturn. Click here to download: Stellar. It is perfect for posters, logos, or as the primary typeface on a modern design. Click here to download: Neptune. As you might imagine, UFO Nest was inspired by crop circles and the mysteries surrounding them. Body copy set in UFO Nest would be difficult to read.

    Click here to download: UFO Nest.

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    Arkhip features letterforms with wave-like curves that add movement and visual interest to them. I love that unlike many other typefaces on our list, it works at a variety of sizes and still reads well. Click here to download: Arkhip. Dual comes with over stylistic alternates, making the possibilities of what you can create endless.

    Click here to download: Dual. Astro is a modular typeface inspired by astronomy. It looks beautiful! Click here to download: Astro. Looking for something bold and strong? Try Halogen. These are wonderful to have as they give you options that can take a logo from good to awesome.

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    Click here to download: Halogen. Marske is an all caps display face inspired by stencils. It has different pieces that fit together like links, making its letterforms feel strong and bold. Click here to download: Marske. Click here to download: Phage.

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    Savone offers the same bold angles some of the more expressive typefaces we feature on this list, except the angles are wielded sparingly. In doing so, it avoids limiting its use to headlines and extra large copy. Based in Prince George, British Columbia.

    The fonts Recorder and Whistle can be found here. In , she designed a hand-crafted slab serif and a music note inspired typeface. Free Djembe truetype font for Djembe drum music notation.

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    Alexis Luengas [Alexis Luengas Zimmer]. German type designer in Karlsruhe. He created Rhetorica : Its design is motivated by the elegant roman letters of the Rennaissance, capturing the vitality seen in the hand of masters like Granjon, Garamond, Jenson and Van den Keere, but also neohumanist typographers like Zapf.

    In , Luengas published the Meleo family. This organic semiserif family is characterized by a large x-height, and a contrast between the round nature of the regular style and the angular calligraphic features of the italic styles. In , he started work on Didotesque. His main project in was Cavatina , a font for writing music: Cavatina is my misuse to put it nicely of the OpenType font architecture, inspired by Travis Kochel's FF Chartwell. Similarly, the font relies on contextual alternates and ligatures to take care of the formatting and allow the support of a wide range of musical grammar.

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    Among others, it is possible to write over four octaves of different notes, key and time signatures, barlines, accidentals, articulations as well as ornamentation, providing a system robust enough to allow fast musical composition. A browser based text editor with integrated MIDI playback is also provided for those who don't have a Mac. Cavatina exploits the liga , calt and gsub rules in Opentype. Alexis Luengas Zimmer [Alexis Luengas]. Music font archive. Download here. Creator of Octave : Octave has been created with the intention of fusing together the graphical elements of written musical composition with the English alphabet.

    In , she created the tall high contrast fashion typeface Kilimanjaro. Her Textappeal lettering from is also noteworthy. Her experimental typeface Floating Typescapes won an award at ProtoType in Behance link. Old Behance link. Anders Ekenberg who teaches at the Theological Institute of the University of Uppsala Sweden , has a medieval music notation font. German designer who created the funky calligraphic serif typeface family Varius , Linotype. Included are ornamental typefaces with music notation and standard ornaments.

    Copenhagen-based designer b. Tal is advertized as free, but there are no download buttons anywhere. Dedicated page for Gidole Sans.