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And when the same player enter a new match, end it with a relativelly good score and say: -Now i've done better! Actually you've done the same on both, you just forgot to consider the skill of the enemy players on both matches.

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Doing so you commit two mistakes: 1 You think that you are good without having a clear and precise definiton for what is to be good, it's unplausible to say that one object possess one peculiarity without knowing in what this peculiarity implies; 2 You think that playing good or bad is the result of a superficial analysis of your in-game performance, this analysis usually take into account only KDR as it's only indicator.

It implies a decision to be made with full comprehension of both the upside and downside of a particular choice.

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  • Add Participants Enter individually or in bulk Invite by email Host a sign-up page Require participants to check in. Report Scores Advance match winners Delegate reporting permissions Email notifications as matches become available. Create event pages for your conventions Got an event with multiple tournaments? Use Challonge's Event feature Multiple tournaments in one Got a convention with multiple tournaments?

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