Map pc network drive mac

Home users can utilize the same technologies, but would have less use or budget for SANs and are more likely to use NAS or cloud storage. So what is a network drive? A network drive is any type of storage connected to a router.

How to map a network drive (Mac OS X)

A NAS device can be as simple as an external hard drive connected to your home router or as complicated as a dedicated NAS device with its own hardware and multiple drives. Either way, the device attaches to your router via Ethernet and makes its drives available to authorized users.

Mapping a Network Drive in Mac

It is a great way to have central storage that everyone can use. NAS are useful for home users so they can share movies, music, files, or games across multiple computers within the same house, apartment block, dorm, or other sort of set up. Cheap to buy and simple to set up, they are very popular indeed.

How to Map a Drive: Mac OS X

Cloud storage is the one most people have heard of it. Much like you can have different internet service providers, you can have different cloud storage service providers. Now let us get on with attaching one to your Mac. Once OS X finds a network drive, you will be able to connect to it and access the resources you have permission to access.

What is a network drive used for?

This will provide you with the opportunity to save a lot of time on a daily basis. Two different methods are available for you to map a network drive on a Mac.

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You can go through these two methods and select the most convenient method out of them. Both these methods will deliver positive results to you in all the Mac OS versions.

Before you try this method, you need to keep in mind that the network connection would drop, if you are disconnected or reboot the computer. Below mentioned are the steps that you will have to follow.

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  • If you want to map a network drive that re-mounts after a system reboot, you need to go through the below mentioned steps and try out. If you are looking for a more persistent method than what we discussed above, you can try the below mentioned steps.

    Now you will be able to make sure that the network drive is mapped automatically, even after you reboot the Mac.