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NEXTBASE iNCarCam 302G Deluxe Dash Cam - Black

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See the FAQ page, question 1. No bit version available. DashcamViewer 3. These have been replaced with a Time Bias. The ability to save settings on a per-movie basis was removed. This legacy feature is rarely necessary and could cause data sync issues if not properly used. Bug Fixes. A workaround was applied to better handle these situations. It is fitted just slightly above where the tax disc holder used to be. I cannot believe that this is classed as an MOT failure.

Does anyone else have any experience of this. The MOT regs now require all appendages to be removed from the windscreen… cameras, mobile holders, notebook holders, etc.

I would have apprecieated being told about it before they took it off for the test! Is there a remote battery or power source available for the g? I have just bought one after my car was damaged at work by a hit and run but the built in battery only lasts for 6 minutes. Thanks Pete. The g manual gives its consumption as 5V mA — so 3 Watts. If your battery is in good condition it should not be a problem.

Extra Tip: Choose a Standard Dash Cam Micro SD Card

There is a lead provided to connect to a car auxiliary socket. Provided that is always live not switched by the ignition you could use that. The built-in battery on the g model is only intended to operate the camera for 6 minutes to maintain operation in the event of temporary interruption of supply. Some owners do modify power sockets to provide continuous power, but it is essential that a fuse is included in the supply. I have mine plugged to an Ignition-on socket; the camera switches itself on and off quite happily. The blue light is on but no image any ideas and its warm to the touch.

There are different timings available for how long the screen displays after start-up. It should be on at least when it starts, then switch off after your choice of time so as not to be a distraction whilst driving.

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Using the G, I get some very loud static interference on the audio while driving, which dies down when the engine is idle. This is happening with two units, one exchanged at Maplin, which suggests a design or manufacturing fault. Has anybody else had a problem with horrible crackle on their video? Derek -there are two possible causes — radiated interference or interference traveling up the power cable. If it is traveling up the cable then you can buy iron cored inductors to clamp on to the power cable to depress the pulses of interference , just like you have on good computer LCD screen cables ,you know that large black lump attached to the cable.

If it is radiated then change the power cable for a better higher priced screened cable ,cheap ones are rubbish. Do I need a camera with sound not sure if the g comes with sound or not,. Someone was worried about losing the lead up files prior to a crash.


Maybe a longer loop setting would help. If you own a phone like a Samsung Galaxy you can also put the micro sd in there and transfer any files to the camera for safe keeping in the event of a crash. As for transferring the the files to the PC, I have used the camera itself and connected to Win 7 pro with no problems. I have also just put the card in a card reader. I just bought after a bit of research,a Garmin 10 dash cam from Messrs Halfords in Norwich today. Get the damned thing home,unpack it only to find the power cable is woefully short.

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So here I go back to Halfords. Now, nobody was especially keen to sell it to me,can you imagine how they will cope with me asking for my money back? This could be good? Am I ever gonna find out how good the device is? Last week somebody hit my car and left no details. Went to get camera footage from SD card — guess what?

Card unreadable!!!! My advice for the future — probably to regularly pop the card out and make sure its still working.

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