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Perhaps, you have started and already quit. Most likely, all of us need a little extra encouragement to keep slapping those P90x discs into the DVD player.

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The P90x app is built to accompany, if not completely mirror, the workout guide that drives the DVD based program. The app is visually pleasing, but the design is frustrating.

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  • This design oversight will cause you to fall behind the DVD timed routine, while trying to scroll to the correct number. Moreover, the app navigation is not standard to other familiar apps. Tabs are used on the bottom, but the top title bar previous and next tabs are absent.

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    • P90x Free Download For Mac?
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    • There are several ways to use the app as a guide to enhance the workout experience. The nutrition journal is an added benefit, providing a bar graph to chart daily intake.

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      By selecting your level and phase number, the nutrition chart adjusts to the correct suggested nutrition amounts for your workout routine. You will recognize the categories and amounts from the p90x Nutrition Guide , which is provided with your workout DVD program. The Profile tab encourages progress by charting body measurements including weight, size waist, hips, chest, arms, thighs and BMI; to ensure you are bulking up and dropping pounds, the workout tracker keeps information about individual exercises as well.

      Everything Tony begs you to write down in the videos is included in the workout tracker, which guides you through the exercise routine. Post workout, you can see your daily statistics for each exercise and compare with previous workouts.


      If you know how to complete the exercises for a particular workout, it is possible to do the entire set from the app. With the workout tracker, each exercise is included in proper succession to complete the routine.

      However, there are NO built in videos to demonstrate the exercises. Beachbody created a perfect side-kick Kenpo anyone? A survivor of P90x, I can honestly say this app would have been a great help while trying to cram down 2, healthy calories per day or keeping track of reps.

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      How to Rip P90x3 DVDs to Computer (PC & Mac)?

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