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While there's plenty of video editing software that I like, the fact remains that most home users aren't prepared for the amount of time needed to do a decent job of producing a home movie.

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An awful lot of camcorder owners just want to put their video footage as quickly and simply as possible into a format that can be shared with friends and family. Worrying about capturing footage to a PC or Mac so it can be edited and uploaded to YouTube or turned into a fancy home movie can come later.


Plug a compatible camcorder into the DVD Factory device, turn everything on, load a blank DVD, press a button, sit back and wait for the capture and burn to finish. It doesn't get any easier. The list of compatible video cameras is still somewhat short, but as far as I can tell Pixela is adding more camera compatibility on a regular basis.

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Since Irodio offers only rudimentary photo editing functions, we'll take a pass on its DNG handling for now. The DVD burner automatically adds only an extremely rudimentary menu. There are no menu design options or anything else of the kind — when Pixela says this device is meant to seamlessly burn a DVD directly from the source material stored in an HD video camera, that's exactly what they mean — which means the application for this device is quite limited.

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