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Vision Quest Studios and Dynacolor Post Cards set the standard for color vibrancy and super glossy finishes. It compliments the fine art quality line screen color plates and the attention to color balance and detail. Our post cards are the standard that all other postcards are measured against. We have designed and printed literally hundreds of different post card jobs, so feel free to call or contact us for genuine samples we have produced.

Posters Get the message out in a BIG way? We have super nice quality printed posters on lb stock.

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Use them to promote events, to sell as souvenirs, or for that special promotion or product for your photography studio to add to your bottom line. Sample of poster we sell in our local area.

How to Create Rack Cards Online

Rack Cards You gotta be kidding? The standard for recreation and businesses distributing literature through brochure racks or enclosing in 10 Envelopes. Custom Products We have stock brochure sizes and configurations and we also provide custom services like deluxe paper stocks, special die cutting, mail fulfillment services and more. If you can dream it we can make it happen. Let us help you produce a top-notch photography studio post card or brochure that you can use in a variety of affordable and adaptable ways.

Why should we help you? We are a photography studio too! We have tons of ideas for how to use them and for what works. It's easy, send us the hi-rez files and rough and we make it look good and faithfully follow your instructions. Fast personal service from a graphic studio that knows how to sell photography! Fine Art Quality Color Reproduction! Much better than Modern Postcards! Above is a sample of one of the photo studio promo cards we use to market our commercial photography to prospective clients.

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It is an 8X10 card, with contact information, return address and logo on the back. We imprint these cards when needed with a variety of additional messages to target a specific market or advertising message. We leave them with clients afer meetings and send them as part of just about every package that leaves our studio. We have several other cards that we produced and use to promote our studio as well. This super shiny finish really makes the photos pop and has a first class 'feel'.

Our post cards are state-of-the-art in post quality! Email, call or send.

How to Make a Rack Card in Apple Pages [10+ Best Examples] | Examples

After going through this article, anyone would be able to come up with beautiful rack card designs for all purposes - no design experience or expertise is required! Before we get started, please download and install Ezee Graphic Designer. It takes less than a minute to download and complete the installation. Download here. Tip: As in all marketing, you want to target the right customers with your rack cards, so precise placement location of the cards is a must.

If you're a services business with a tiny per customer revenue, you should place the cards in nearby areas because most people won't travel far for a small service. You might as well consider making multiple cards and customizing them as per their placement location. Let us now design a 4 X 9 Rack Card. The most common sizes for Rack Cards are 3. In fact, you can make your Rack Card in any custom size.

Let us design the Rack Card shown below. Once you know how to use Ezee Graphic Designer, you will be able to create any other layout as well. The following steps are also demonstrated in a short video, later in this post. Go to the Pictures tab and import the picture that we plan to use in our design. Go to the Grids tab and add a single picture grid. Then, position it to fill up the entire page, and set its spacing to zero. Want to "print" your files straight to our website from within any program-even if we don't have the same software, version, or fonts as you?

Want to rest easy knowing your printing will look exactly like what you see onscreen? Want real-time feedback that lets you troubleshoot and eliminate production snags before they happen? Of course you do.

7+ Recipe Card Templates

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  • Quickly Design an Awesome Rack Card.

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How to Make a Rack Card

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