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But Microsoft circumvents this Apple crash reporter and only Microsoft gets a notification.

Mar 25, PM. Mar 26, AM in response to gimmemyfreeapp In response to gimmemyfreeapp. You've already discovered the "fix". Office definitely should not be stuck on version That it is means it's not updating. Microsoft says to follow these directions for reinstalling Office I would presume that means deleting the current items in the Applications folder so the latest versions will install. Call MS to be sure. There is almost no software you can't find complaints about in relatively small numbers.

By all over the web , I mean a severe issue where not just a couple of thousand users a very small overall percentage are complaining, but most users are reporting the same issues. That said, Office is a completely different product with its own code, so it wouldn't be at all surprising if it has its own slew of repeatable bugs.

I don't know what those may be since I use the perpetual license, Office version. That's Word PowerPoint and Excel also have this button. But for whatever reason, Outlook doesn't. If you select "What Can Be Better", a brief bug reporting sheet appears. Well, I can't agree with that. I use Excel, Word, and Outlook heavily in an office environment. Particularly massive and often complicated Excel spreadsheets.

Issues affecting Word for Mac features and add-ins

None of the apps crash - ever. Mar 26, AM. Mar 29, AM. Mar 29, PM in response to bertranddes In response to bertranddes. Completely removing and reinstalling Word did solve the issue for me. Somehow Word wasn't automatically updating to the latest version. Mar 29, PM. Question: Q: Word crashes when changing font color More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: jko02 jko Question: Q: Question: Q: Word crashes when changing font color I have a inch Macbook, only about 4 months old.

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Loading page content. Jan 8, PM in response to jko02 In response to jko02 I've got the exact same problem and it's massively frustrating. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: 0. User profile for user: Kurt Lang Kurt Lang. Jan 8, PM in response to jko02 In response to jko02 User profile for user: beaver beaver Feb 12, PM in response to jko02 In response to jko02 I had this problem. User profile for user: gimmemyfreeapp gimmemyfreeapp. Microsoft was so nice to omit that from their Mac products. And they found a way to circumvent Apple's crash reporting features so Apple has no clue how often all Office products are crashing on the Mac.

The best solution : get rid of your Mac and buy a PC. Microsoft has no serious intention of supporting Office products on the Mac. Mar 23, AM in response to gimmemyfreeapp In response to gimmemyfreeapp Microsoft R Word for Mac does not have a 'check for updates' option. Not a chance. But, spend your money however you wish.

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Mar 25, PM in response to Kurt Lang In response to Kurt Lang If you're using Office the subscription version of Office , then no, you won't find an update option Thanks for pointing that out. You're the first person who actually mentions this! That at least adds some clarity to the discussion.

Version 16 seems to be out for a while now but I was still stuck on a version But unfortunately no way to force an update. For all people with similar issues : As a last resort I finally completely removed Excel because there is no way to force an update. Here you can download the latest version and install it again : Update history for Office for Mac - Office Support After downloading it will use the original license so after installing you can start right away.

Well, I read the same problems all over the web.

Outlook 2016 Mac crashes on startup - Fix

And those are people who have taken the effort to write about their problems. Most people just read in order to find a solution for their problems including myself. In terms of features it's maybe close to the PC version, but it is not stable enough. I mean, a full application crash on something simple as selecting a color? I've worked with Excel for over 10 years on many PC's and a crash is almost unthinkable. I think that is also something that Apple needs to address. Mar 26, AM in response to gimmemyfreeapp In response to gimmemyfreeapp You've already discovered the "fix".

Create a new Profile Identity in Outlook v Add your IMAP accounts and let your data download from the server. Note: IMAP does not save your contacts or calendars. Do you have that data on Outlook ? I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from links on my site. Re: Office Preview Outlook crashes. I just tried that, and it still crashes I am almost to the point of giving up on OS X and just running in bootcamp. Yes I did the complete uninstall.

When you save, Word for Mac crashes or quits

I also went to drastic measures and did a clean install of OS X and office. Your error report indicate it's your Profile. It's not the install. You can prove that by testing in a new User. I did a support call with Microsoft and they took remote control of my machine and uninstalled it. Aug 3, PM in response to dianeoforegon In response to dianeoforegon. I just created a new user, started word, excel and powerpoint, and powerpoint crashed.

Here is the beginning of the log:. Since PP crashed, this indicates some issue at the base level. Do you still have Office installed.

MS Office crashes on Mac when printing - Customer Support Forum

I have on occasion seen removing Office fixed issues with Office Usually it's fonts. There is a 64 bit version is you are interested in trying it. Under Help in the Menu bar select "Check for Updates". Select Insider Fast and it will download the newest version that is 64 bit. One other thought if you have an external drive. Install El Capitan and Office You'll be booted into a clean install. Does it work now?

I have never installed office on this machine. I will try the 64 bit version and moving fonts and report back.